I was a single mother, who has worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years.

Four years ago I started importing silicone beads to create a longer teething necklace for my son who was teething at the time. I notice that there were no silicone bead dummy clips offered in the South African market.

From inception it has been of paramount importance to source from a credible and reliable manufacturer, that can offer high quality, BPA free, SGS (Standard Global Services) certified, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and non–toxic food grade silicone.

Importation of the beads on a large scale followed. We offered initially a well- designed, unique handmade dummy clip, safe for use by teething babies.


Over the next three years the following products were added to the range:

Silicone Teething Toys

Silicone baby and toddler food Plates and Bowls with a suction ability to stick on tables

Bamboo and silicone bowls and cutlery

Baby and toddler Sunglasses that are virtually unbreakable, UV400, polarized.


Through my research I found staggering statistics of BPA poisoning caused by plastic products. The media, nature, and ocean conservation bodies have raised awareness of the plastic pollution issues, by starting to ban single use straws.

Here my mantra “It started with a straw” evolved.

I launched Silicone Straws SA PTY in November 2018. Following research, I found that Bamboo straws were not sufficiently hygienic, Glass straws obviously too high-risk, and Stainless Steel straws a possible injury hazard.

To this end, we introduced a safe, bendable straw, BPA free, tooth friendly, child friendly and travel safe.

There is an urgent need for continued awareness, particularly with our younger generation to awaken a new found urge to protect and preserve our earth and oceans, thus encouraging consumers and corporates to start investing in other options for packaging, that are reusable.

Research indicates that BPA has even been found in new born babies bloodwork, and has been a major contributor of endocronic illnesses that can lead to chronic conditions such as diabetes, infertility and heart disease.

The brand consists of a wide variety of goods, available under Silicone Depot will be Silicone Straws SA, Silicone Depot, What Babies Want and Eco choice.

Email: info@siliconedepot.co.za or orders@siliconedepot.co.za