Health, Safety, Environment

Offering BPA free, food grade silicone items.

To ensure highest quality safe reusable goods that are safe for human usage.
Using BPA free goods and reducing the exposure to plastics and BPA


Bpa leakage from plastic containers can mimic estrogen, and can cause an endocrine imbalance that can lead to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Research has revealed that it can also be one of the leading causes of infertility.
Offering BPA free, food grade silicone items, ensures highest quality safe for reuse and food storage.


Unbreakable, safe for use by children and babies as well as disabled persons.


Single use plastic straws which has currently been banned in several countries is a step in the right direction. Plastic products entering the Oceans result in breaking down into micro plastics which is eaten by fish and through that process enters our food chain. Plastics ending up in landfills results in a chemical leaching in the soil thus affecting the quality of our food and water.

Tips & advice

• If it doesn’t say BPA free or Food grade silicone- it is NOT.

• Eco friendly doesn’t mean BPA free

• Do not place warm food or reheat food in plastic containers

• Do not place plastic containers in the microwave or dishwasher

• Do not place greasy, spicy or acidic food or drinks in plastic containers

• Real food grade silicone items will not stain from food use

• Use pinch test to make sure your silicone is BPA free

• Check the bottom of plastic containers for the type of plastic and whether it can be
recycled or not

• Only nr 3 and nr 5 is food storage safe

• Scratched and stained plastic containers are dangerous as they have started to become porous and can leach Bpa in your food items. Please discard or recycle responsibly.

• Do not use plastic spoons for mixing hot baby food or porridge unless its metal or food grade silicone.

• Please prepare or mix baby food or formula in steel or glass containers first before pouring into milk bottles or dishing into plastic containers. This will aid in the shelf life of your Bpa free containers.

Be conscientious when purchasing your food storage containers!

Look out for these alternatives: