Silicone Dummy – Stage 1

The dummy that could last forever.

These dummies are made from food grade silicone, BPA free and has a non porous surface all around.

Its smooth design makes it more hygienic since there is no pieces needing to be put together unlike other dummies.

Silicone is knows for becoming the most loved and safest teething joy for babies.
The Silicone Dummy will double as a teething toy, while the beaded handle also ensures sensoric stimulation as baby starts to touch and feel.

Unlike most dummies that has an air vent/opening, the Silicone dummy has a free air opening.
This will ensure the dummy keeps its shape and not flatten or change shape while baby is suckling on their dummy.

You can safely boil your Silicone Dummy in up to 220°C to ensure its sanitized for your baby.

Research has proven that BPA causes the mimicking of estrogen in human bodies.
(BPA is a chemical that makes plastic hard. Therefore any plastic that is hard, even when ‘BPA free’ will contain another chemical in its place to ‘harden’ the plastic. )